Participating in a bicycle time trial race doesn’t require expensive equipment nor any racing experience

What is a Time Trial?

Europeans call the time trial the “Race of Truth” as it is a race in which the individual or team races against the clock. Racers often ride aerodynamic bikes with aerodynamic equipment, and don aerodynamic clothing to make themselves faster, but any road bike is fine. Racers are separated by gender, age group, or category (novice to pro) and there is a “Retro” division in which no special aerodynamic equipment is allowed. Since riders are not allowed to “draft” all racers on the course are not racing close to any other racer, making Time Trials one of the safest race categories.

What will it cost?

For just $20, you can race for the first time, which includes your entry fee and a one-day USAC license. This fee is non-refundable and allows you to race on any available week.

Do I need a license to race?

To participate in races, a USA Cycling (USAC) license is required. This license not only provides insurance coverage in case of accidents but also supports the growth of bicycle racing in the U.S. For your first race, we will pay for your one day USAC license.

What should I bring to the race?

Make sure to bring your road bike, helmet, sunglasses for eye protection, and some food and water with protein and carbohydrates for post-race recovery. Having a supportive friend cheering you on is always a nice addition too!

Next, simply fill out the form below, sign the standard USAC waiver, and pay the $20 First Timer Race fee.

On race day, please arrive early (4:00 PM) at the registration table behind the Smoky Hill parking area. If that’s not possible, you can come anytime between 4:00 PM and 5:30 PM. Inform one of our volunteers that you are a first-time racer, and they will assign you a start time and provide you with a bib containing your racing number. Pin the bib to your shirt or jersey and head to the start line at least three minutes before your assigned start time. A start marshal will be there to guide you through the process. It’s that simple!

Yes! I want to try racing!

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Racing Age: Your Racing Age is the age you will be on December 31st of this year.
Week you think you will race (you can race any week):
I certify that I currently do not have, nor have I ever held a USAC license and that this will be my first time I have ever raced in a USAC permitted event.